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Candles: The original night lights

Saturday, April 28th, 2007

Spirit & Light Candlelight Projector

The Spirit & Light Candlelight Projector is a very cool night light. It creates a mystical experience as the image dances upon the wall!

Candle light projects three interchangeable images of the Om, Yin Yang and Man in Lotus Position designs. The Om symbol represents unconditional love, peace and acceptance. The Yin Yang is an expression of the natural forces of balance at work in the Universe at all times. The thoughtful reflection of the Man in Lotus Position represents inner awareness and calm, and reminds us of our need to regenerate and reclaim our inner peace.

The Spirit & Light Candlelight Projector is made of high quality wrought iron with an aged, bronze and gold accented patina finish that will beautifully complement any home or office decor.

9″ W x 10 1/4″ H x 5″ D

Buddha Night Light

Tuesday, April 24th, 2007

Buddha Night Light

Start your path to enLIGHTenment with your own Buddha Night Light by Robyn Nola.

This Buddha was photographed in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. According to Wikpedia, “a buddha is any being who has become fully awakened (enlightened), and has experienced Nirvana.”

If you’re fully awakened or looking for a little light at night, this buddha nightlight can do the job. It’s a great choice for your sacred space or meditation room.

Size Information:
Height: 4.5″
Width: 3.5″
Depth: 1 ”

Price: $25 (includes shipping)

Sacred Ground Buddha Night Light

Tuesday, April 10th, 2007

Sacred Ground Buddha Night Light

Okay all you Buddha fans out there — check out this Robyn Nola Buddha night light. This night light features the largest Buddha in the United States, photographed by nature photographer Robyn Nola. Located Lahaina, HI, this Buddah is almost three stories tall. This night light can light up your zen or spiritual place.