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Crank for light or charge a cell phone!

Wednesday, April 18th, 2007

Emergency 4 in 1 Wind-Up Flashlight
If you need a gift idea for a real Crank — here it is. Emergency 4 in 1 Wind-Up Flashlight

The 4-in-1 emergency flashlight is a flashlight, radio, panic alarm and cell phone charger! No batteries needed—ever!

This emergency-kit essential is a flashlight—and a whole lot more! Keep in the glove compartment or your family “power-outage kit.” This handy tool gets its power when you turn the crank—20 seconds of cranking gives you 40 minutes of flashlight power. There’s never a need for batteries or charging with a power outlet.

The energy-wise LED flashlight has three bright LEDs; the radio tunes FM stations so you can listen for weather updates, music or news; the panic alarm emits a shrill, attention-getting siren when you press the button; the cell phone charging jack comes with adapters. Order one for each car, or one for you and one as a gift for a new driver. Under $25

Animal Flashlights

Tuesday, April 17th, 2007

Animal Flashlights
Your kids will love these animal flashlights! It’s the perfect kid’s flashlight for camping, playing or halloween. Available as a Killer Whale, Lizard or Tucan. Only $6.95 at Solutions.