Beautiful Night Lights

The Johnny Light – Toilet Night Light

The Johhny Light - Toilet Night Light

Noctural Pee-ers Celebrate! The Johnny Light has come.

It’s 3 a.m. and your internal alarm clock goes off (hopefully). And you stumble to the bathroom in the dark to take aim. At what? You can’t see! But now you can with the Johnny Light.

The Johnny Light lights toilet bowl at night when the toilet seat is raised and goes off when the toilet seat goes down.


  • Ends the bathroom battle of the sexes
  • Aids in children’s toilet training
  • Reminds us to put the toilet seat down
  • Eliminates annoying “fall-ins” 🙂 I hate when that happens
  • No more toilet seat splash
  • Green Light – Easy on the eyes
  • If you go to the Johnny-Light’s website, beware of the annoying looped song on only the home page.

    Good deal at $15.50 with shipping and handling.

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